7 identification technologies on display

Daphne Allen in Coding on September 12, 2017

Coding and labeling expectations for medical devices and pharmaceuticals continue to evolve thanks to Unique Device Identification, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, and user needs. Several exhibitors at Pack Expo Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging Expo will be highlighting their latest identification solutions September 25-27. Click through our list for a preview.

Serialization and Aggregation from OPTEL and NJM

OPTEL GROUP will be exhibiting an entire serialized line at Booth N-309 featuring OPTEL's BottleTracker integrated with NJM Packaging’s TROTTER W pressure-sensitive labeler (see photo above). The BottleTracker, which prints and inspects a temporary unique identifier on the bottom of a bottle in black or UV ink, will track bottles as they are placed into secondary packages such as bundles or cases. NJM’s TROTTER W wraparound labeler can be equipped with a thermal transfer and/or laser printer to print serialized 2-D bar codes and alphanumeric codes, lot numbers, expiration dates, and more onto preprinted pressure-sensitive labels. Together these two units can achieve complete in-line serialization as well as aggregation on secondary packaging. The demo will showcase various inspections, including the presence and placement of labels, topserts, and sideserts.  

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