COVID-19 ‘Disruption’ in Packaging Jobs Worsens

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in COVID-19 on April 20, 2020

As the number of people infected and killed by the coronavirus rises, more colleagues in the packaging community struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy in their jobs. According to our online poll, nearly a third of respondents now say their job has been devastatingly affected.

This sentiment differs greatly from previous results of the same poll, reported in our article “Packaging Peers Offer COVID-19 Advice.” In the last couple weeks of March, only 10% of respondents felt that way. At that time, nearly two-thirds said their job was slightly disrupted.

Although the current reality feels bleak, the advice from the packaging community stays positive. Here are a few more suggestions from poll respondents on how to deal with the situation:

“Become more efficient and familiar with virtual communication methods. Understand that everyone has different circumstances and flexibility is key.”

“If employed, stay home and work. Job search is challenging during this period.”

“It’s the best time to lean on or build up your network for support in the changing landscape.”


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