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New Materials — Sept. 2011


Barrier induction seal

ALKOflex O2-sorb is a one-piece sealing insert that enables food and beverage packagers to add a peelable induction seal to untreated glass or plastic containers made of PE, PP, PET or PVC. The tamper-evident sealing insert also has an oxygen-absorbing layer and features product protection through the absorption of oxygen that is located in the headspace after the sealing process, or oxygen that migrates into the container over time.
Meyer Seals, +49 5181-8018-0.


In-mold-labeled tubes

Production-ready, in-mold-labeled (IML) tubes for personal care and beauty products feature enhanced graphics for outstanding shelf presence. The package is the result of a partnership between cosmetics packaging supplier Topline Products and Viva Healthcare, an injection-molded tube specialist. The process combines the decorating and molding of polypropylene tubes into one simple procedure, eliminating any post-mold printing or labeling operations and costs. It embeds photographic-quality artwork into the wall of the tube, with total surface decoration even into the crimp area, for true-to-life, eye-catching graphics that are durable and resistant to fading or scuffing. From a sustainable standpoint, the IML tubes have a recycling code of #5 and use less resin than traditional tubes, the company says.
Topline Products, 973-785-1600.


Aseptic carton caps

The company offers aseptic cartons featuring caps made with PE that has been developed by Braskem, Brazil's largest petrochemical company, and is made out of sugar cane derivatives, which are polymerized in plastics for cap production. These eco-friendly caps were used for Nestle Brazil's launch of two popular milk brands.
Tetra Pak, 847-955-6000.


Beverage closure

DoubleSeal SuperShorty caps feature DoubleSeal technology, a 2-in-1 outer-plus-inner seal in a single piece, linerless closure. Instead of down-pressure during the sealing process, DoubleSeal closures provide lateral, opposing-force pressure from both the outside and inside, effectively supporting instead of distorting the neck. The closure is able to keep a tight closure seal to keep CO2 locked in, so that beverages don't go flat. Made with HDPE rather than PP, the caps also offer cost, supply and environmental advantages as well, the company states.
Bericap, 909-390-5518.


Copolyester films

The company's film product line now includes the MD-EK10R00 high-performance rigid copolyester films for medical-device packaging applications. This film solution fills an unmet need in the industry for increased toughness and temperature performance for demanding medical f/f/s and tray applications. Suitable for packaging heavy medical equipment and frozen medical products, the films are available worldwide and have a high glass-transition temperature, which allows for heat resistance that slows aging and speeds validation and sterilization. With these films, quicker accelerated-aging protocols are possible, as faster and more reliable shelf-life qualification can reduce time, labor and speed-to-market delays, the company states.
Klockner Pentaplast, 540-832-3600.


PLA compounds

New Terraloy BP-39070 series enhanced-PLA compounds for extrusion and thermoforming have a bio-based content level of around 90 percent and are biodegradable, making them an effective alternative to petrochemical-based resins in applications where sustainability and compostability are critical considerations. They meet FDA requirement for food-contact applications.
Teknor Apex Co., 401-725-8000.


Easy-open vacuum closure

New 40-mm Ideal Closure is designed for use with hot-fill and retort applications such as soup, nutritional beverages, coffee and tea. A hybrid of a plastisol-lined metal disk and a plastic band, the closure is compatible with plastic or glass containers. The metal disk forms an airtight seal against the container to guard against oxygen ingress while the consumer-friendly plastic band is easy to grip, enhancing the opening experience, the company states. The closure's two-stage opening mechanism separates the force required to overcome the friction between the closure threads and the container from that required to release the vacuum in the package, further easing opening for consumers. The design of the closure also creates multiple opportunities for brand owners to differentiate their products on the shelf. Logos, messaging and nutritional value can be printed on the metal disc and different flavors can be communicated with distinctively colored plastic bands.
Crown Closures Americas, 215-698-5100.


Easy-peel coatings

New SoftpeelCoat peel coatings allow for a smooth opening that requires low opening force and no additional tools. The coatings ensure tight seal of the packaging during storage, distribution and display. The easy-opening solutions are used for "peel coating against peel coating" applications such as paper- and plastic-based bags for food items or surgical equipment, and for "peel coating against tray or cup" applications such as snacks and dairy products.
Mondi Group, +44 1932 826 300.


Hygenic pallet

The versatile 40 x 48 in. Stack'R pallet allows customers to use it in both stacking and lightweight racking applications. The pallet is 100 percent recyclable and has been made to stand up to a variety of temperatures and harsh environments that materials may meet when passing through the logistics chain in the food and agricultural industry. The pallet is structural foam molded and was developed to be a smooth and non-porous product to avoid absorbing moisture or odors. The product's all-plastic construction ensures dimensional consistency and repeatable performance in automated systems or high-rise racking.
Orbis Corp., 888-307-2185.


Extrusion-coated lid

The company's extrusion-coated lid is made of paper and plastic that can be separated from each other as a part of the normal recycling process. The lid is durable, easy to print on and can be cut into different sizes or shapes. It is also easy for consumers to peel off the lid without tearing it and to dispose of it together with other paper waste. The fiber-based lid has strength and puncture-resistance, features that are important in dairy product segments. An advantage of the extrusion-coated lid is its excellent printability, as it is capable of carrying demanding graphics produced by modern printing processes, the company states.
Walki Group, +358 205 36 3111.


Steam valve

The pressure-sensitive Flexis Steam valve can be applied to most flexible food packaging, lidding films or molded containers for the purpose of steaming or cooking convenience food in a microwave or oven. The valve's hermetic seal initially protects the contents of the product and becomes self venting during the cooking process, the company says. Developed in partnership with Avery Dennison, the technology also regulates a gradual temperature balance throughout the cooking process to maintain food quality.
LPF Flexible Packaging, +31 594 695 656.


Etch-on label

Name It labeling solution allows customers to personalize any beverage container with their own mark without using a writing instrument. The label features a thin layer of paraffin wax sandwiched between two layers of plastic to create a writing window. A consumer simply puts pressure on the label with their fingernail to write a custom message. By peeling back the top layer of the label's plastic, the label can also be erased, a task that can be performed multiple times. The label offers a value-added feature to products with minimal increase in production costs, the company claims.
R Solutions, 440-735-9280.

Two-compartment container

The Smiler two-compartment PET container lets brand owners market a single serving of two compatible products, such as a drink and a snack (milk and cookies perhaps), within one portable package. The proprietary Smiler technology enables bottles/containers to be injection blow molded into different shapes and sizes, including those suitable for vending machine dispensing. The larger, top compartment holds the liquid, while the bottom holds the snack item. Additionally, both can be used for dry products and/or non-food items. The bottom compartment is created by drawing the base upwards which forms a small cavity into which a heat-sealed portion cup can be inserted and held by friction.
Plastic Technologies Inc., 419-867-5400.


Security tag

A new holographic security label protects products and packaging against counterfeiting and manipulation. A product-specific Secutag micro color-code included in the label is microscopically small, consists of different color layers and is made in different sizes beginning at 8 µm. Apart from a hologram and a micro color-code, the label can be provided with additional security features, including tilting and kinegram effects, along with serial numbering. Special security stamping further protects against unauthorized removing of the label.
3S Simons Security Systems GmbH, +49 2502 23330.


Reclosable pouch

The Multi-Seal FoldLOK is designed for shredded cheese applications. The pouch's robust adhesive technology is engineered to enable consumers of all ages to easily and reliably open and reclose the package multiple times without needing to completely remove the top or use zippers. To open the Multi-Seal FoldLOK package, consumers completely peel off a perforated strip, revealing the opening across the top of the package. When the consumer is ready to store the remaining product, they simply fold the top of the bag over the strip and the materials stick together to seal the package. The company says the recloseable pouch can be reopened and closed more than 10 times and still retain its adhesive qualities.
Sealed Air, 800-845-3456.


Coextruded film

Multipeel Flow Wrap, a multilayer coextruded film for resealable tubular bags, increases productivity for resealable flexible packaging, the company states. The product features DuPont's Surlyn as a sealant, which is characterized by its ability to seal at very low temperatures while maintaining high sealing quality. The sealant also interacts with other components of the multilayer structure to support the controlled burst-peel behavior of the flow wrap, in terms of its low initial opening force, its clean tear propagation and its maintained resealability, the company claims. Examples of typical applications that could benefit from use with the coextruded film include small-piece products such as sweets, nuts, snacks and cheese-cubes, which should not dry up after opening.
Sudpack, 920-738-9877.


Pallet edgeboard

New PerfBoard is budget-friendly laminate that features standard leg lengths up to 4x4-in., with custom sizes available and calipers to 0.160. The perforated laminate is safe for partial shipments and irregular-sized loads; it is designed for use with automated pallet assembly systems and can be custom-printed to add a company logo, message or instructions. The recyclable laminate saves warehouse space by stocking one SKU for multiple lengths.
Laminations, 800-925-2626.


Anti-counterfeit technology

The co. offers Prooftag's Bubble Seal technology as an integrated component to its multi-layered protection solution for the wine and spirits industry to help overcome problems of counterfeit product and authentication in overseas markets. The protection technology features an iPhone app that enables distributors and consumers to verify the product they are holding is authentic. The iProof app uses the phone's camera to take a picture of the Bubble Seal, which then cross-references an online database of products to confirm authenticity. Instant offline authenticity can be achieved with the co.'s reveal detector.
BrandWatch Technologies, 503-285-3890.

Fire-retardant board

The company has received certification from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection for the fire-retardant (FR) version of its Falconboard Build display board. The display board meets the minimum requirements of flame resistance established by the state's Health and Safety Code. The FR option has been engineered to provide a higher level of performance for those applications requiring a fire-rated material. The new grade is suitable as a display material for use at theaters, amusement parks, retail shopping areas and other environments, which must comply with stringent fire codes.
Pregis Corp., 877-692-6163.

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