Daisy adds flexible packaging to its sour cream line-up

Kate Bertrand Connolly in Flexible Packaging on October 09, 2015

A sweet new packaging design for Daisy Brand sour cream takes food packaging in a creative and functional direction. The distinctive 14-oz Daisy Squeeze package is an inverted, wedge-shaped pouch with a flip-top dispensing closure.

The blue polypropylene closure incorporates a silicone dispensing valve and a tamper-evident pull ring. When consumers flip the cap open, remove the ring and squeeze the package, sour cream is dispensed, stopping when the squeezing stops. Benefits include easy-to-control, drip-free dispensing—and no spoon to wash. AptarGroup supplies the dispensing closure.

Consumer response to this convenient package, which can be used easily by people of any age, has been overwhelmingly positive. Daisy posted an announcement about this new package on Facebook on Aug 19 and has received more than 25,000 likes and 1,500 comments about it.

Craig Ziemkiewicz, director of marketing, Daisy Brand, offers insight into the innovative new package.


Is the Daisy Squeeze package in national distribution? When did it launch?

Yes, Squeeze is in national U.S. distribution at this time. We started rolling out the product on a region by region basis, beginning in February of 2015.


Is the package design proprietary? Patented?

The package design is proprietary and has been awarded a U.S. patent.


Who did the structural design for the package? 

The structural design was done with our internal team working in partnership with Continuum.


What material is used to make the body of the package?

The packaging body is a flexible film.


What are the key benefits of the package design for the consumer and/or retailer?

• Perfect for topping occasions (60% of all occasions are topping).

• Easy to use and dispense, which minimizes waste.

• Good for both topping and ingredient use.

• Prevents spoilage from spoons, food and more.

• Better value and superior design than other squeeze packages.

• Easy to use for the whole family, including kids.


Is the product merchandised in the dairy cooler, or is it shelf-stable?

The product is merchandised in the dairy cooler. It is the exact same product that is in our cups, so it needs to be refrigerated.


What’s the shelf life of the product?

We deliver to our customers with a guarantee of a minimum of eight weeks of shelf life before the sell-by date.


How is the package decorated?

It is a printed package.


Is there a freshness seal across the opening of the package, under the closure?

Underneath the blue cap is a plastic cap/pull ring that protects the product—similar to orange juice or other liquid dairy products.

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Sorry Daisy, but no one will pay attention to your new "packaging" until you address the dairy calf abuse going on at your factory farm in Paris, TX. Despicable.
Our family and most of the people we know LOVE the new packaging. It's so convenient.
Sorry, but no one will be paying attention to Daisy's new packaging until the allegations of dairy calf abuse at its farm in Texas are addressed.
I would never use or buy any products of Daisy. Yes they do good packaging . but They violate the rules by abuse and animal cruelty, disgusting.. I can't believe it. !!!
I try to buy Daisy sour cream and find it is sold out often. Have not seen the new flexible dispenser in my supermarket. I will ask the manager because it looks like a great idea. I doubt that Daisy is abusing their animals. Like other dairy farmers, they have a big investment in their cattle. I'm not going to give up dairy products simply because animals are used to produce the product.
Good answer. Thank you!
I've tried this new packaging and I find it super disappointing. I can't even begin to list the ways this packaging fails...let's simplify it by saying it performs in the exact opposite manner of all the claims Daisy makes about it. FAIL!
I love the packaging...does it keep longer once opened?
Can this new packaging be recycled?
We love the new packaging!
Where is the sell by date? I can’t find it on the package.
where is the sell by date
can not find one
I want an expiration date on the package.