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Toray Plastics (America), Inc.

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is the global leader in the innovation and manufacture of advanced polypropylene, polyester films, and bio-based films, which can be metallized, and coated films, used in packaging, lidding, and label applications.

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island (go to, and founded in 1985, is the global leader in the innovation and manufacture of advanced polypropylene, polyester films, and bio-based films, which can be metallized, and coated films, used in packaging, lidding, and label applications.  The company is also a leader in sustainability practices and has implemented a leading-edge environmental program, which includes Rhode Island’s largest solar farm, two cogeneration plants, zero landfill, water conservation, extensive recycling, and more.

CPGs and packaging, lidding, and label converters turn to Toray as their single source for the highest-quality barrier-protection films in the industry, trusted, collaborative consultation, and the domestic and global insight that will help them get their projects to market quickly. Markets served are food, including snack food, baked goods, confections, dairy items, prepared, frozen and wet foods; pet food; durable goods, and personal care and beauty.


Torayfan® CBS2 Film – Environment-Friendly, PVdC-Free, Clear High-Barrier BOPP Film

Torayfan® CBS2 film (go to, is an environment-conscious, clear, high-oxygen- and moisture-barrier BOPP film designed for use as the inside sealant web for the packaging of bakery items, crisp salty snacks, cookies, crackers, granola, fruit and nut mixes, and confections, as well as pet food and treats and non-food items. Versatile, heat-sealable CBS2 BOPP film also offers end users an alternative to coated OPP and PET films and is the more economical choice when compared with aluminum oxide (AlOx)-coated films. In addition, because it’s available in 70 and 80 gauge, CBS2 film presents a downgauged alternative to thicker OPP films. CBS2 film can also be used as an unsupported web for flexographic and rotogravure surface printing.CBS2 film’s excellent barrier properties are achieved by means of Toray’s resin technology and a proprietary non-PVdC barrier layer. The non-barrier side of CBS2 film is designed for heat sealability. CBS2 film also provides superior oil and puncture resistance and excellent stiffness, which further improve the consumer’s brand experience. The film runs on HFFS and VFFS equipment.

LumiLid® Lidding Films – Bio-Based, Solvent Free, Dual-Ovenable, IMS-Certified

LumiLid® bio-based, dual-ovenable lidding films (go to are manufactured with Toray’s proprietary sustainable resin blends, which are made with more than 50 percent renewable feedstocks. Bio-based LumiLid films were created to lessen the impact on the environment, as they use fewer petroleum resources while they are being manufactured, and to meet the needs of environment-conscious end users and consumers. In addition, like all LumiLid films, they are solvent-free and may alleviate end-users’ concerns about solvent retention, as well as enhance the films’ sustainability profile.The new LumiLid films are designed for frozen, wet and dry food, and dairy applications.  They are FDA-compliant for use with oven temperatures of up to 400°F for 30 minutes.  LumiLid films are also Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS)-certified, so they offer another level of assurance for dairy customers.LumiLid bio-based films have the same superior performance qualities that are characteristic of the LumiLid brand. They have a low seal initiation (SIT), broad seal range, outstanding seal integrity, and an easy peel. They are available in clear, white, and metallized formats.

Torayfan® MWX6 Metallized White BOPP Film

Torayfan® MWX6 Metallized White BOPP film (go to is designed with a proprietary, “ultra-barrier” layer on one side for superior moisture-barrier and excellent oxygen-barrier functionality. The other side of MWX6 film is a hermetic, heat-sealable layer. MWX6 film is an ideal solution for gas-flushed packaging applications and can be used as a monoweb or a lamination and runs on HFFS and VFFS machines. End users especially appreciate the film’s bright white, glossy appearance, which enhances a package’s attractiveness inside and outside, appeals to consumers, and can contribute to a brand’s success. Metallized white BOPP films previously available to the market were limited in barrier capability and appearance. Innovative MWX6 metallized white BOPP film, with superior barrier durability and a unique aesthetic quality, is available to customers seeking a competitive advantage.Available in 100 and 110 gauges (1 – 1.1 mil), MWX6 film is the ideal choice for packaging salty crisp snacks, baked goods, confectionery items, pet food, and refrigerated and frozen foods. Torayfan MWX6 film can also be used for agricultural and chemical packaging.

Torayfan® OPP and Lumirror® PET Metallized Films

Toray’s OPP and PET films (go to are metallized in-house, which ensures quality control and eliminates the time and expense to have films metallized by a third party. Metallization significantly impacts the oxygen and moisture barrier, makes for an opaque barrier to light, offers a high-reflective glossy aesthetic, and opens up new packaging application options—for example, those where foil might be the traditional choice.MetPET is excellent for replacing foil in high oxygen-barrier packages and lidding applications for dairy foods, like yogurt or ice cream, or for items like applesauce or puddings. In comparison with foil, it offers better economics, improved barrier durability, and superior puncture resistance.MetOPP has excellent moisture barrier, very good oxygen barrier, barrier to light, a highly reflective gloss, better puncture resistance in relation to MetPET and foil, and excellent flex-crack resistance, all of which can be achieved at a relatively low cost. It tends to be popular for salty snacks, cookies, crackers, nutritional bars and higher-end snack food packaging applications.MetOPP is often designed with a low SIT heat seal layer, allowing it to be used in a two-layer lamination. MetPET doesn’t always have this type of heat-seal functionality and is often utilized in a triplex laminate.

TreaTear Directional-Tear Sealant Films for Retort and Non-Retort Pouches

Toray’s Polypropylene Pouch Sealant Films are specifically designed to be the sealant layer for pouches, providing excellent seal properties, anti-staining, and pouch durability.TreaTear® films, made with Toray’s proprietary film design, work as the sealant layer in any type of pouch lamination and provide effortless, precise, directional tear. They do not require laser scoring, perforations, or registration to make an exact, straight tear. In addition, TreaTear® films are more rigid than common CPP films, which are often used in retort applications, and therefore may facilitate down-gauging of the overall lamination structure without sacrificing feel.  (go to Pouch Sealant Platform includes Trea®RT42 and TreaTear®DR62 for retort applications, and TreaTear®LT72 for non-retort pouches. There are also slightly modified versions of each platform, which can be discussed upon request.Trea®RT42 OPP film (go to is specifically designed to be the sealant layer of a retort pouch. This film is best suited for horizontal fill machines, die-cut, or gusseted applications. Trea®RT42 is designed to be used in high-retort applications (under 135°C) and is available in either clear or white versions. It also offers good resistance to oil absorption. The standard film design calls for corona treatment on one side, but custom treatment is available.TreaTear®DR62 is a single layer, directional-tear polypropylene retort sealant film, specifically designed to be the sealant layer of a retort pouch, while providing excellent directional tear properties. This film is best suited for applications that require exceptionally high seal strengths. It is designed to be used in high-retort applications (under 135°C) and is available in either clear or white versions. The standard film design calls for corona treatment on one side, but custom treatment is available.TreaTear®LT72 (go to  is alinear-tear, OPP sealant-web film, specifically designed to be the sealant layer for non-retort pouches. This film provides an exceptional linear-tear (in the machine direction) eliminating the need for laser scoring and micro-perforating. It is compatible with PE zipper stock, comes in clear and white, offers high heat-seal strength and a low SIT.Available as thin as 30 microns (1.2 mil.) TreaTear® films offer yield advantages over the traditional 60 or 70 micron sealant web films, as well as flexibility with overall lamination design.  Laminations that use additional webs for directional tear, such as oriented nylon, may now find that web to be unnecessary. Additionally, these thin films offer important sustainability benefits.
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Toray is the leading innovator of OPP, PET, & CPP films, which can be metallized, and coated films for packaging and lidding.
Toray lidding is FDA-compliant, IMS-certified, dual ovenable up to 400° F for 30 minutes, with clear, white, & metallized options.
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