Pack Expo 2018: 8 advancements in food and beverage packaging

Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on November 01, 2018

Each of these eight innovations brings something new and different to the food packaging table, accompanied by beverage packaging breakthroughs as well.


One of the best ways to get a comprehensive, wide-angle snapshot view of all things packaging is to attend a world-class show like Pack Expo Intl. The semi-annual iteration that ran Oct. 14-17 in Chicago boasted 2,500 exhibitors across 1.25 million net square feet of McCormick Place exhibit space and drew nearly 45,000 attendees.

There attendees could zoom in on any of a myriad of individual products of interest such as these eight hand-picked selections chosen from among an impressive number of unique food and beverage packaging innovations and launches. Our octet of innovation starts with a barrier tray that looks and feels like kraft paper with the distinct advantage that it can be molded into trays that are recyclable.

Mondi Group impressed attendees with combination paper and plastic perFORMing shallow tray packaging for food products that offers barrier protection. It’s suitable for cheese, meat and other deli foods sold in supermarkets. The breakthrough multilayer formable tray structure eliminates the typical plastic tray to reduce the amount of plastic by 75% while providing a familiar and on-demand natural, eco-friendly look and feel to the packaging with the natural brown kraft paper presentation. The barrier lidding can be obtained by Mondi or another source.

From a technical aspect, the tray material allows a highly symmetrical stretch for pleasing uniformity and the tray’s paper construction allows exceptional printability.

In markets featuring a majority of plastic trays that are typically made of expanded polystyrene, the paper-plastic-hybrid tray provides a distinctive differentiator that can be used on existing packaging lines.

The company is licensing the patented technology from partner Packartis of Switzerland, which has considerable expertise in flexible and formable packaging.

Verena Schnedl, Mondi’s marketing manager, extrusion coatings, tells Packaging Digest that “we now have a certificate from an independent laboratory that rated the material ‘recyclable.’ The recycling rate of course still depends on the individual waste handling structure of the various cities and counties.”

Schnedl indicated there’s plenty of interest in the development. “Trail runs are being conducted now,” she adds.

Manufactured in Austria, perFORMing trays supplied in rollstock are available in Europe and will be shipped to customers in the United States.

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PackEx Montréal 2018 (November 14-15) offers everything from design to manufacturing—concept to market—with valuable free presentations throughout the event at Center Stage. Come explore the latest innovations, processes and new products.



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