Top 5 food packaging hits of 2018

Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on December 18, 2018

A quintet of food packaging megahits this year messaged food safety, show-time innovations and advancements, the value of packaging-powered smiles and sweet and savory improvements.


Packaging Digest’s top food packaging hits of the year compilation is an editorial quintet that first burst on the scene more than 11 months ago, and ended up hitting all the right notes for readers among the many dozens of articles published in 2018.

Revealed in reverse order, the opening act in our short list of the best of the best—plus encore content found at the conclusion—begins with a cautionary tale related to food safety and health issues that draw consumers’ interest if not also their concern. This certified hit feature takes our attention to the west coast where a number of music groups and trends have gotten their start, only to break loose onto a much bigger stage and gain national or even international attention.

This article found its genesis in a landmark proposition from the Golden State, specifically Proposition 65. Turns out that high-stakes changes are afoot for the well-known California regulation that will likely and more deeply impact food packaging and food packagers. Mitzi Ng Clark, partner, Keller and Heckman LLP, walked readers through an informative overview in addressing three key questions about what’s happening and what’s ahead:

What’s the backdrop to the regulation relative to food packaging?

What’s upcoming that packaging professionals should know about?

What about the impending changes is surprising or worth pointing out?

To read Clark’s responses that resonated with our audience, see Proposition 65 and food packaging: A preview of coming changes



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#4 Hitting the big stage in Chicago

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