5 feats of phenomenal packaging insight in March

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on April 06, 2017

Packaging design successes, snacking trends and sustainability challenges starred in March 2017 on PackagingDigest.com as topics of our best-read articles. While not limited to the food industry, all articles cover this highest-consumption packaging market yet still show broad appeal to the global packaging audience involved with any product category.

We unveil here our top five articles, based on page views from March 1 to 31, starting with No.5 and building up to the scintillating No.1 story of the month.


5. Interest in flexible packaging recycling continues to heat up as brands often select this popular package format for various business reasons—but find its end-of-life options somewhat…limiting.

At the 2017 Flexible Packaging Assn. annual meeting, global sustainability director Jeff Wooster from The Dow Chemical Co. updated FPA members on where the industry was and what manufacturers and converters could do to help increase the recycling of their flexible packaging products.

During Packaging Digest’s exclusive interview with Wooster at the meeting, we explored the idea of whether recycled-content material use in flexible packages would help build momentum for a more robust recycling infrastructure for these materials.

Bottom line: Wooster says yes, but…

“It’s a complex system that will take some coordination, but I believe there’s a lot of opportunity ahead.”

Packaging Digest subsequently followed up on the issue of using recycled-content material in flexible packaging in the article “Is there a market for recycled-content materials in flexible packaging?,” which has input from three others in the value chain: brand owner Seventh Generation, leading U.S. recycler Waste Management and flexible packaging manufacturer ProAmpac.


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