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Day 1 buzz from the Global Food & Beverage Packaging conference

Day 1 buzz from the Global Food & Beverage Packaging conference
PepsiCo’s Denise Lefebvre spoke on consumer trends.

Whether you were there or not, you may want to read the take attendees had to insightful presentations by thought leaders from PepsiCo, Tampico Beverage, TerraCycle and other companies during Day 1 (Wednesday) from Packaging Digest’s Global Food & Beverage Packaging conference.

Here’s a sampling of Tweets from the conference ( via the hashtag #FBPackaging

Dr Gail Barnes ‏@ZAGrrl 

60% of the world's population lives on $2 a day. Wow. Denise Lefebvre of @Pepsico

Lisa McTigue Pierce ‏@lisajmpierce

Denise, PepsiCo is killing it at #FBPackaging "I don't want monster systems" esp in emerging markets. Think modular machines, varied volumes

David Luttenberger ‏@packaginggeek

Its OK 2 not look like other packages n a category. Its not OK 2 not look like a product n that category says #ScorCreative

Joanna Potts ‏@JoannaGiovanoli 

Tell a story!!!!  People don't remember statistics. Lessons from Mary Zalla and Lauren Kremin

Kari Embree ‏@kariembree 

"Brands are using form, color, iconography & collaboration to be distinctive on shelf." -- Lauren Kremin, Beam Suntory

Lisa McTigue Pierce ‏@lisajmpierce 

Albe Zakes, TerraCycle, speaking remotely at #FBPackaging: 2/3 of all products r packed in non-recycled #packaging

David Luttenberger ‏@packaginggeek 

Is there a lesson 4 packaging 2 learn from "planned obsolescence?" Listening 2 @terracycle's Albe Zakes

Jill Martin ‏@Jill_Martin77 

Visual marketing for millenials #tampicobeverage.  Guess I'm too old to guess what they are selling.

CanadaSmartKitchen ‏@smartkitchenpei 

Thanks Eve Pelonis. Changes on nutritional label info, US and CAN vary:  important for Canadian clients selling to US.

Lisa McTigue Pierce ‏@lisajmpierce 

Kevin Kelly, Emerald Pkg, sees opportunity for thermochromatic ink on flexible #packaging

Dr Gail Barnes ‏@ZAGrrl 

Food waste will be the selling point for sustainability. Kevin Kelly, Emerald Packaging.

David Luttenberger ‏@packaginggeek 

Pouches r next target of eco band says Emerald Packaging CEO

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