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Lemi Shine Original launches prefilled Pacs pouch

Lemi ShineEnvirocon Technologies, Inc., Midland, TX, has launched Lemi Shine Original Pacs, a 12.7-oz pouch with 20 pre-filled and perfectly sized doses of the company's best-selling product. The Pacs offer all the same benefits and power of Lemi Shine Original, now in an even easier-to-use format. Lemi Shine Original Pacs retail for $5.49, and can be purchased at select retailers nationwide as well as online at

Lemi Shine Original is a dishwasher detergent additive that removes hard water spots and film from dishes and glassware. Since the 2010 governmental ban on phosphates in dishwasher detergents, customers have been increasingly turning to the Lemi Shine family of products to help remove hard water spots and film from their dishes and machines.

Packaging response to Consumer Reports?

In January, Lemi Shine Original was tested by Consumer Reports and evaluated as both effective and the best value product on the market. During the video evaluation, the Consumer Reports representative, Theresa Panetta, explained how "...the size of the main detergent dispenser may vary, so you may have to experiment with how much you use." With the new Lemi Shine Original Pacs, all the guesswork has been eliminated. Consumers can simply place one pac in the main wash receptacle. No unwrapping is necessary as the casing is formulated to dissolve during the wash cycle.

"We believe in making products that work. We also like to make the process easy and simple for our customers," says Dustin Bryson, marketing director at Envirocon Technologies. "We're excited about the launch of our new Lemi Shine Original Pacs, and we feel this roll-out is a testament to our company's commitment to innovation."

Source: Envirocon Technologies, Inc. 


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