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New PowerShelf lets consumers give on-shelf packaging feedback

New PowerShelf lets consumers give on-shelf packaging feedback
PowerShelf enables quick feedback from consumers as to how packaging designs perform on-shelf.

Used by companies like Kerry Foods, Tetra Pak and Just Eat, PowerShelf enables quick feedback from consumers as to how packaging designs perform on-shelf.

Consumers represent the court of public opinion when it comes to judging product, packaging and design success. Wouldn’t companies have a powerful intelligence tool if they knew how well—or not—certain packaging and designs perform on-shelf before decisions were made? And do that by conveniently soliciting the opinions of hundreds of consumers with fast, timely results whenever that intelligence was needed?

They can, using PowerShelf, a fully automated, do-it-yourself real-time shelf testing solution that provides brands and retailers with actionable feedback on the impact that shelf placement has on consumer attention to in-store products for various packaging designs.

Introduced last summer, PowerShelf is accessible within TolunaInsights, through which audiences, surveys, communities and analytics are completely integrated and powered by on-demand insights and behavioral data from Toluna's community of 21+ million influencers worldwide.

"Toluna's focus on automation, coupled with unrivaled expertise that's incorporated into all aspects of our platform, and powered by our global community of influencers, is completely transforming the way companies obtain insight today," said Phil Ahad, EVP, head of products and strategy, Toluna. "PowerShelf is another example of how we empower clients to access consumer insights faster than ever and use those insights to make critical business decisions."

Ahad answers Packaging Digest’s questions in this interview.

Tell us about more about PowerShelf.

Ahad: PowerShelf is one of Toluna’s many automated methodologies, a do-it-yourself ("DIY") real-time shelf testing solution that provides brands and retailers with actionable feedback on the impact that shelf placement has on consumer attention to products in store. Launched in July 2018, PowerShelf was developed with the goal of expediting the time from ideation to understanding, with fully automated solutions that enable users to test branding, product, package design, concepts, media and advertising concepts; gather insights on consumer attitudes and purchase behavior; and understand how consumers view their brands compared to competitors, all in real-time.

PowerShelf is designed to ensure package standout, and can be used in combination with PowerConcept which is designed to understand appeal and PowerPack and how well people understand what the product does based on its packaging.

How does it work?

Ahad: Within Toluna’s automated consumer insights platform, TolunaInsights, brands can access PowerShelf by clicking on “Create Survey,” choosing “AskToluna” then clicking on “PowerSuite” and then “PowerShelf.” After this, they can select the packaging category, target a precise audience, and add up to 8 packaging concepts and their shelf display to test and set timed exposures. Surveys can be customized with the help of Toluna’s intuitive wizard that guides the way. Lastly, PowerShelf takes it from there by building the survey in real-time with reporting available as soon as the first response comes in. Results are presented through a C-suite infoboard dashboard.

What kind of information does it yield? What insights will or can be revealed?

Ahad: As PowerShelf enables brands and retailers to test products in a simulated in-store environment, it yields insights about how best to position products on a shelf, evaluate shelf design overall—strengths and weaknesses of packaging strategy, concept ranking, stand out, clarity of design, quality, color and expectations, i.e., what will this product do for me.

What are the options? What can be used for?

Ahad: When testing products, it's important to consider shelf as an integral part of go to market. It can provide insights into how well a product will be perceived, etc.

What does it do that alternative methods don’t do and why is it “better”…what is the advantage of PowerShelf?

Ahad: PowerShelf allows the user to easily replicate the retail environment to understand the impact of packaging and shelf placement on product visibility and “stand-out”. The benefits of PowerShelf include the ability to test the impact of shelf layout changes in real-time without any implication to ROI in terms of not having to do this in a live retail environment.

The advanced design of PowerShelf enables users to conduct monadic testing to understand true packaging insight (as opposed to a comparison of all packages), and “timed exposure” which tests stand out.  As the study is standardized, output and data is delivered in the form of a dashboard and recommendations are easily understood.

What’s required from brands to participate? What are the costs?

Ahad: When creating PowerPack, clients must have images for the concepts that they wish to compare. Up to eight can be used. Costs vary, and depend on the number of respondents desired/respondent parameters.

Lastly, what size companies does this target?

Ahad: In our goal of democratizing on-demand insights, Toluna offers the PowerShelf solution to companies of all sizes across verticals and industries that provide products in a retail environment. We work with clients that span all industries specifically consumer packaged goods, and names that come to mind include Kerry Foods, Tetra Pak, Just Eat, Sodastream and others.  


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