Notable new packaging designs score in February

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on March 02, 2018

Ever on the hunt for packaging design ideas and innovation, our global audience found plenty of inspiration in February. All of the top five articles for the month, based on number of page views, centered on packaging design. More than 160 examples across myriad markets, with sparkling new bottles from Nestlé Waters and a recyclable foodservice bag from Lamb Weston for frozen French fries among them.

In reverse order, we present your top five articles on from February 2018:

5. Lamb Weston unveils sustainably optimized food packaging

Sustainable practices in foodservice and institutional markets has the potential of diverting massive amounts of packaging waste from landfills.

Case in point: For its frozen French fries, Lamb Weston is using Tite-Pak kraft paper bags from Graphic Packaging Intl. Inc., which are now recyclable in established Old Corrugated Container (OCC) and mixed paper recycling streams. This partnership has created the potential to annually divert up to 30-million pounds of used packaging material from landfills to the recycling stream.

Kim Williams, Lamb Weston director project management, research and development, explains, “The paper has always been recyclable. But in the previous package format, the poly coating did not easily and completely separate from the paper, which made it non-recyclable. The key change has been the optimization. The poly coating now separates completely from the paper, making fiber recovery in the re-pulping process possible.”

With an 89% recoverable fiber content result, the packaging development process included material qualification at Lamb Weston plants, Fibre Box Assn. (FBA) certification for repulpability, OCC batch digester testing at GPI Santa Clara, continuous digester testing at KapStone Longview, and laboratory testing at International Paper to qualify Tite-Pak repulpability in the mixed paper stream.


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