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Promising Patents — April 2013

Bottle cap openerBottle with integrated cap remover (shown at right)
A patent filing for inventor Steven Carley relates to an apparatus for removing the twist-off caps of beverage bottles. The invention is a beverage bottle with a bottle-cap-shaped indent on the bottom surface of the bottle, for placing on the cap of a closed bottle and twisting to open the bottle. The design is intended to offset the discomfort experienced by consumers opening bottles with twist-off caps.


Flexible packaging structure with built-in tamper-evidence features
A patent filed by Sonoco Development for a flexible packaging structure with a built-in opening and reclosing feature extends the technology to also provide tamper evidence as an integrated part of the package. A flexible packaging laminate formed by an outer structure joined to an inner structure is scored in both structures to form a flap that is lifted to open the package. A pressure-sensitive adhesive is used to re-adhere the marginal region to an underlying surface of the inner structure adjacent to the opening through the laminate.


Heat-shrinkable package and label system
This patent for Avery Dennison Corp. pertains to a heat-shrinkable packaging system that includes a heat-shrinkable flexible-wall container or wrap and a heat-shrinkable label that can be applied to the container prior to heat shrinking. The packaging components are matched in shrink characteristics to yield equal shrinkage. In another variation, the shrink characteristics of the components differ.

PepsiCo closure

PepsiCo's releasable, encapsulated aroma (shown at left)
This filing from PepsiCo is for gelatin capsules that encapsulate a material that includes at least one aroma compound. The capsule is applied to product packaging, such as food packaging, that has a secondary protective coating at the interface of a container and closure. The gelatin capsules are ruptured when the container is opened, thereby releasing the aroma compound and causing a favorable aroma for the consumer. The secondary protective coating reduces or prevents degradation of the gelatin capsules during product packaging, transport and storage, thereby enhancing their performance.

Sanitary dispensing package
The invention relates to flexibles and other packages that have sanitary dispensing features such that the contents remain sanitary or sterile during reuse. The package generally includes a dispenser that is sealed from environmental contaminants by a feature or portion of the package that is accessed prior to use through a sanitary dispenser that can be inverted and deployed prior to use. A frangible portion is provided with the dispenser. The dispenser may be resealable in the package and offer a straw for dispensing convenience.



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