Centrexpo/Ipack-Ima group combines, upgrades its exhibitions

By Posted by Rick Lingle, Technical Editor in Packaging Research on November 06, 2013


Ipack-Ima 2015 logoThe Centrexpo/Ipack-Ima group combines and upgrades its international exhibitions with five shows set to be staged together as single event in 2015 at Fieramilano: IPACK-IMA, Fruitech, Intralogistica Italia, Converflex and Grafitalia and staged alongside the world expo.


The largest, most comprehensive product and service display in the processing, packaging, logistics, converting and printing industries will be showcased from May 19 to 23, 2015. In particular, IPACK-IMA will be flanked by specific complementary events for the food industry including Fruitech, an independent exhibition featuring Grain Based Food technology and the new Dairytech area.


The news was shared with members of the press including Packaging Digest on November 5 during the Process Expo in Chicago.


The main theme of the 2015 edition of IPACK-IMA is "Sustainable packaging for development," in conjunction with "Feed the Planet. Energy for life" - the theme chosen for the EXPO, the universal exposition held in Milan from May to October 2015. As Maria Grazia Facchinetti, marketing & communication manager points out, it has been 100 years since Italy has hosted a world expo. The last one was in 2010 in Shanghai, China.


A precise, strategic choice

"What we have made is a precise strategic choice," states Guido Corbella, recently ratified as CEO of the Centrexpo/Ipack-Ima Group under Felice Rossini's chairmanship. "Every three years events are constructed that are capable of best serving the different [market segment professionals] attending our exhibitions. We plan to increasingly focus on our business communities, which grow to become full-fledged, specialized exhibitions as in the case of Fruitech. There are increasingly frequent connections and synergies across different industry sectors: Process automation, safety and traceability are elements shared by virtually all supply chains. Being able to compare vertical solutions in each area together with the technological advances in related industries is an extraordinary opportunity which today only our group can offer."


The meeting with the press also provided the chance to place the global activities of the Centrexpo/Ipack-Ima Group in the larger picture, including the company's intensive monitoring of business opportunities on emerging markets.

"We are working to become our exhibitors' partners on their markets of interest," Corbella says.


Today the group is present on the world's most important marketplaces: the Chinese and Indian markets are managed by the group's own representative offices as well as through agreements with key partners, resulting in more market opportunities for exhibiting companies.


In Russia, Centrexpo organizes and manages the participation of Italian companies in Upakovka-Upak Italia, an event of great resonance staged in cooperation with Messe Dusseldorf. 


East Afripack in Kenya


In Africa, Ipack-Ima will debut next year with a large-scale project: East Afripack in Nairobi, Kenya, featuring high-level partnerships including the East African Community, the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development-Government of Kenya and UNIDO. It will be held September 9 to 12, 2014, and will be dedicated to Processing, Packaging and Converting technology in the EAC area (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda), a region with a population of 230 million.


In other recent related news, Marco Pedroni, president of COOP Italia, the largest retail chain in Italy, was appointed chairman of IPACK-IMA 2015. His chairmanship has strong implications emphasizing IPACK-IMA's synergy with the simultaneous EXPO 2015. COOP Italia is in fact partner of the EXPO in the thematic exhibition hall called "Supermarket for the Future".


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