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Santa Maria's TexMex salsas use barrier containers

Santa Maria's TexMex salsas use barrier containers
Santa Maria Dip


Santa Maria DipTwo new dips in the TexMex range from Santa Maria, the biggest Nordic supplier of spices and tastes of the world, now come in a handy packaging solution : A 215-mL SuperLock container with click-on screw lid from RPC Superfos. The products, TexMex Onion & Garlic and TexMex Chunky Salsa provide a great add-on to any Mexican style meal.


Packaging Development Technologist Åsa Yhlen from Santa Maria appreciates the new container.
"I believe that plastic as a packaging material will keep gaining ground. Glass is great, but takes up a lot of space on the pallet. The stacking facility of the SuperLock pot makes it easy to handle in connection with the filling process," says Yhlen. 

"Another good thing is that we can skip a working procedure thanks to in-mold labeling, which means that the label is fused directly onto the surface of the plastic molding. So the need for subsequent labeling is eliminated and this makes the filling process more efficient."


In-mold labeling has an additional advantage: the labels are in clear and sparkling colors and not susceptible to peeling. Design options are vast and include a see-through area. And to find a suitable look for the dip packaging, Santa Maria worked with a design agency. As part of the pot is transparent, the color of the dip has an impact on the overall impression: Garlic & Onion is white, Chunky Salsa is red and obviously each label design had to integrate the color of the dip.


Santa Maria is a very well-known brand in the Nordics for spices and taste sensations from Thailand, India and Mexico. It belongs to the Finnish Paulig Group and constantly works with product development involving all parts of a cooperation that is driven by curiosity, innovation and a fervent interest for good taste.


As such, the SuperLock packaging solution is a great match: it is a multi-award winner specially designed to meet barrier demands. Convenience products can stay on shelf twice as long - or even three times longer - in SuperLock than in standard packaging thanks to the combination of membrane sealing and barrier protection on all surfaces.

Source: RPC Superfos




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