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Why Allens Vegetables adores the metal can

Why Allens Vegetables adores the metal can
Allens Vegetables


Allens VegetablesDavid Brown, vp of retail sales for Allens Vegetables, talks about why the company's packaging of choice is metal cans.


Q: Why do you adore cans as the packaging for your vegetables?
A: There are many reasons to adore cans as the packaging for vegetables! They are infinitely recyclable and lock in the flavor. Canned vegetables are nutritious, and just as good for you as frozen and even fresh vegetables.


Allens' canned vegetables are an easy way to enjoy a variety of vegetables and can be found nationwide. Allens offers a variety of vegetables that are popular, but many take a lot of time to prepare. For example, Allens offers collards and greens in a can, which is a timely process to cook, but you can open a can of Allens and you can simply heat-and-eat, ready-to-serve.


Allens has spent almost 88 years perfecting our canning process. Allens canned vegetables stand apart from other because they offer gluten-free options and are kosher, vegetarian, heart healthy and lower in sodium.

Q: How do you communicate the "freshness" of your canned products to consumers?
Some fresh vegetables travel on a truck to arrive at their destination for days. Canned vegetables are picked and packaged within hours to lock in the nutrients.

The canning process locks in nutrients at the peak of freshness. Due to the lack of oxygen during the storage period, canned vegetables remain shelf stable until they are consumed. No added chemical preservatives are necessary.


Q: February is National Canned Food month. How will you celebrate it this year?
Canned Food month is celebrated throughout the month of February and is a great time for people to see the great benefits of canned foods.


The Canned Food Alliance just released a new "Just Add One" nutrition wheel, encouraging consumers to add "one more" canned ingredient to a savory supper or even a quick dessert. For example, adding one can of beta carotene-rich can of tomatoes to macaroni and cheese give a significant nutritional boost to a staple meal. By just looking in your pantry you can find easy ways to increase nutrition, boost flavor and even cut preparation time without breaking your budget or your busy schedule.


Allens is celebrating by encouraging everyone to sign onto to learn about the multiple benefits of canned vegetables.


Not only is February National Canned Food month, but it is also heart healthy month. Allens encourages everyone to try out their own Allens heart healthy recipes with the best canned products money can buy.

Find out more about Allens Vegetables by visiting:



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