COVID-19 Could Change Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Forever

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Supply Chain on April 13, 2020

With a vast number of direct-to-user/patient shipments happening today in healthcare, especially as the nation battles the contagious coronavirus by complying with stay-at-home edicts, we are seeing unprecedented activity in last-mile deliveries. What challenges do pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies need to solve? How will this experience affect the future of pharmaceutical logistics?

Valerie Metzker, head of business development for Roadie, offers several ideas in this X-minute interview. A crowdsourced delivery company, Roadie boasts the largest local same-day delivery footprint in America. Its point of differentiation is that it works with consumers, small businesses, and national companies across virtually every industry to provide faster and cheaper scheduled, same-day, and/or urgent delivery. With more than 150,000 verified drivers, Roadie reaches 89% of US households, according to the company.


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Awesome post,you made it really easy to understand this pretty hard topic for beginners. You helped me a lot so I just wanna say thanks...