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METTLER TOLEDO is a global provider of precision instruments and services for professional use.

The Product Inspection group provides in-line product inspection solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care and industrial industries with CI-Vision machine vision inspection systems, Hi-Speed checkweighers, Safeline metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems, and PCE Serialization and Track & Trace solutions. Our broad product inspection line ranges from very basic and economical systems to sophisticated, state-of-the-art systems with customized material handling solutions.  Depending on your specific requirements, our systems can ensure perfect product presentation, create codes, verify package and label integrity, ensure weight range compliance, provide tamper-evident sealing, detect physical contaminants and inspect contents inside the closed package.

Machine Vision
METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision inspection systems ensure that products consistently meet manufacturers' quality standards and specifications resulting in perfect product presentation every time.

METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed dynamic checkweighing systems ensure 100% quality control, minimize costly giveaway and give you total peace of mind.

Metal Detection
METTLER TOLEDO Safeline metal detection systems prevent costly recalls by ensuring your products are free of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants which can be introduced during processing.

X-ray Inspection
METTLER TOLEDO Safeline x-ray inspection systems can detect ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel, glass and stone contaminants, detect mass and check for missing or damaged product inside closed packages.

Track & Trace
METTLER TOLEDO PCE provides serialization solutions including code creation, vision verification of codes, packages and bundles, and tamper evident sealing.


METTLER TOLEDO C3000 Series Checkweighers Maximize Productivity And Feature Robust Design that Meets Heavy Washdown Applications

The new METLER TOLEDO C3ooo Series checkweighers feature production monitoring and control features that help optimize the checkweighing process and increase production efficiencies. Higher production rates, better accuracy, and less downtime improve overall system performance and lead to increased OEE. The C3000 frame meets the safety needs of high volume food processors by incorporating sturdy stainless steel conveyors with an open and accessible frame design. Elements of applicable standards from AMI, USDA, 3-A, SQF and other key food safety organizations were applied in the design and construction of the C3000 Series to ensure the highest level of food product safety.Ideally suited for food production areas with heavy washdown requirements, the C3000 checkweigher’s modular design ensures a system that meets the highest standards for food safety in the production environment. A complete library of package handling, functional and operational, production monitoring and control, and communication options allow for a custom-tailored solution to meet any application. Complete line integration and PackML (ISA-88.00.02-2008) communication capabilities support the user’s continuous improvement and OEE programs.Standard features on C3000 Series units include reliable and accurate METTLER TOLEDO EMFR (Electromagnetic Force Restoration) Weigh Cell Technology, a stainless steel easy to clean open frame and a conveyor support structure of four solid tubes. Optional features include Infeed timing and spacing conveyors, a variety of reject mechanisms and stainless steel locking reject bins.The XS Weighing Controller used in the C3000 Series is UL508A Listed, offers a High Contrast 15-inch diagonal color touch screen user interface, 1280 X 960 color pixel resolution and 24 bit true color. It also features an industrial PC with Windows™ embedded operating system (OS), intuitive menu driven screen navigation, five weight classification zones and a 200-product memory.This new generation C3000 System new of checkweighers offers users Improved weighing accuracy and higher throughput, with a weighing range of up to 4,000 g with accuracy of +/- 200 mg at speeds of up to 300 ppm. The result is increased overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

METTLER TOLEDO’s New Profile Advantage Metal Detector Uses Multi-simultaneous Frequency Technology to Reduce False Rejects

METTLER TOLEDO has recently introduced a revolutionary breakthrough in metal detection sensitivity: the Profile Advantage metal detector. This inspection system’s new metal detection technology delivers unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity to maximize detection and ensure end-user’s brand protection. Multi-simultaneous frequency technology achieves the highest levels of detection sensitivities by analyzing product signal data captured across a wide spectrum of frequencies simultaneously. This is processed by METTLER TOLEDO’s 3S software algorithm in real time, which results in a 30% to 50% higher sensitivity than competing technologies. In addition, Product Signal Suppression virtually eliminates the incidence of false triggering by suppressing the active and unwanted product signals often produced during inspection of high-moisture products. The benefits to the user are lower running costs and a dramatic reduction in product waste.This new technology makes the Profile Advantage an extremely valuable inspection tool for products such as meat, dairy and bakery products that contain a high degree of moisture––a condition that triggers many false rejects in conventional metal detectors. The traditional solution to this problem has been to set the sensitivity of the metal detector lower to eliminate false rejects, thereby limiting its ability to detect all contaminants. By suppressing those false signals, the Profile Advantage inspects products at full sensitivity, ensuring more effective inspection and maximizing product safety.Profile Advantage metal detectors incorporate advanced Condition Monitoring as standard. Condition Monitoring technology assesses the performance and operation of key detector components and circuitry. Adverse trends or changes in performance that can potentially cause system downtime are signaled, giving operators advanced warning before a problem occurs. When fitted with METTLER TOLEDO’s optional Due Diligence Enhancement Software Package, Profile Advantage can provide an even higher level of system integrity that delivers total system performance and ensures the highest level of metal detection
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