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CORE Hydration goes big and small with bottled water

CORE Hydration goes big and small with bottled water
A 1.3L bottle and 500mL/16.9oz six packs extend the CORE Hydration packaging lineup in 2017.

Brand owner discusses the early 2017 release of new 500-mL six packs and a 1.3L bottle added to its lineup.

While sometimes it seems that the proliferation of line extensions can dilute a brand’s core proposition, most of the time it complements and extends the brand equity logically and naturally. That’s the motivation for CORE Hydration brand premium water, which in early 2017 is introducing a 500-mL/16.9oz six-pack and a 1.3L bottle. These two new formats join a lineup of distinctively designed packaging that includes 20oz screw cap bottle, a 24oz sports cap bottle and an iconic, 30oz-contoured bottle.

The water is ultra-purified using a 7-stage proprietary process including ultraviolet, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ozonation. The water is then balanced with an optimized blend of electrolytes and minerals that complement the levels that naturally occur in the human body. The result is a clean and crisp tasting water with a “perfect pH” of 7.4 that matches that of the body.

The suggested pricing for the 6-pack is $5.99-$6.99 and for the 1L bottle, is $2.29 to $2.99, according to Eric Berniker, chief marketing officer of CORE Hydration, who addresses Packaging Digest’s questions.

What’s the strategy behind the line extensions?

Berniker: As the brand has grown in awareness and distribution, consumers have continually asked us for more. As in larger sizes as they look to consume more of their favorite water and more convenience in their purchases through the offer of multipacks.

A new family portrait of the entire CORE Hydration lineup for 2017 with the latest additions on the right.

Please confirm that the bottle polymer is PET. What about the other components?

Berniker: Yes, the bottles are polyethylene terephthalate. The closures are polypropylene and the shrink wrap is polyethylene.

Can the vendor(s) be credited?

Berniker: Bottle, closure and 6-pack wrap were designed by Flood Creative, the same as the previous sized bottles.

[Ed. Note via Flood Creative on the bottle design: “The structure is the primary design component. The bottle was created to feel balanced in an active person's hand. The [blue-tinted] overcap serves as a brand beacon and highlights the wide mouth opening which makes drinking easier.”]

Any special packaging-related challenges associated with these introductions?

Berniker: All of our bottle shapes and caps are proprietary and use the latest technology, so with all of them, it takes some investment and time to build out. This serves as an advantage, however, as consumers clearly enjoy the unique product and packaging while also making our product more difficult to imitate.

Are the bottle footprints the same?

Berniker: No, the footprint of the bottles varies by size of each bottle; the new 500mL/16.9oz bottle has the smallest footprint while the 1.3L has the largest.

Where and when will the products be introduced?

Berniker: There will be a rollout of select retail authorizations across the country. The 1.3L product will be available in 7-Eleven convenience stores starting in March 2017 and our 6-pack product will be available in a number of grocery locations throughout our national distribution.


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