Packaging design trends add value to store brands

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on April 29, 2015

In the national versus store brands fight, many store-brand packages continue to conquer discerning consumers with stand-out designs that help capture profitable sales. Immersion into some of the best packaging designs of the year for store brands, as deemed by the designers, shows how these products connect with savvy shoppers.

Yesterday, my esteemed colleague Rick Lingle shared some of his favorite packaging designs seen during the judging of the 2015 Store Brands packaging competition in mid-April. Today is my turn.

(Ha! Think you know the winners by our reports? Think again. Rick and I were only two of four judges and we all had our faves, but they weren’t always the same for the category. You’ll have to wait until the winners are announced in the June issue of Store Brands.) [4-30-15 correction: The winners will be published in the July issue of Store Brands]

I start my show-and-tell with the chic carton design for Beauty 360 bamboo tools from CVS. The large window lets consumers see the quality of the tools while keeping them pristine from would-be samplers. The simple graphic of green bamboo leaves communicates the natural-ness of the product and the silver ink adds an upscale element of beauty. This design definitely resonated with me, a baby boomer. But I think it would appeal to women of all ages.


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