Top 3 AmeriStar winners excel in packaging design, sustainability

It is AmeriStar Award season once again, and the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) has announced the competition’s 2019 winners. A panel of 12 judges (including our own Executive Editor Lisa McTigue Pierce) evaluated more than 50 packages entered into 17 categories, ultimately awarding the top three 2019 AmeriStar Awards to:

• Clinique iD by The Estée Lauder Companies—for Best of Show.

• O-I : EXPRESSIONS—for Design Excellence.

• Krylon Industrial Quik-Tap Aerosol by Sherwin-Williams—for Sustainable Packaging.

(Click here to view all 23 winners in the 2019 AmeriStar Awards, along with the four student award winners.)


Here are exclusive details on each of these three top winners.


Best of Show: Clinique iD by The Estée Lauder Companies

Clinique, a brand of The Estée Lauder Companies, took home the Best of Show award for its dual-pump Clinique iD package. The packaging concept enables consumers to combine a hydration base product with a specialty booster serum and dispense both formulas with one press of the actuator.

The base product is filled into a bottle that is similar to the iconic Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (DDML) container in proportions and shape. The Clinique iD bottle’s mouth is larger, however, to accommodate the insertion of a tube-shaped cartridge containing booster serum.

The consumer removes the closure from the Clinique iD base bottle and screws the serum cartridge into the bottle. The cartridge houses the dual-pump mechanism, which includes a dip tube for dispensing the hydration base.

Consumers have a choice of three Clinique Dramatically Different base products, and five serums in color-coded cartridges; the various serums address skin issues such as lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and fatigue. In all, 18 Clinique iD combinations are possible.

The dual pump dispenses different doses of the two products (base and serum), for optimal mixing at the time of use. “It is unique to have a dual-chambered pump with different dosages,” says Bob Crescas, executive director, Clinique skincare packaging. “The lotion is 230 microliter, and the serum booster is 30mcl.”

He add that the “pump design is very tight and compact, meeting the goal of keeping the overall package in proportion to existing DDML [stock-keeping units]. The dual-pump/bottle package solves the problem of getting two formulas with one push of the actuator, boosting hydration and addressing individual skin concerns.”

The brand owner also redesigned the secondary packaging for Clinique iD products, to boost on-shelf appeal. DDML cartons have historically been green, but the Clinique iD cartons are white with a four-color process image of the hydration-base bottle or the brightly colored serum cartridge.

The Clinique iD bottles and cartridges are recyclable; the cartons, which are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paperboard, may be recycled or composted.

“The most challenging part of commercialization was managing a global supply chain,” Crescas notes. “We are a global company, so it was not a new challenge; however, we sourced components from three continents, bringing them all together to our final manufacturing plants both in New York and London. We had a whole team of people in Korea, Europe and the U.S. working to make this launch a success.”


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