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The HI-TEMP(tm) Series is a new line of zippers that is designed for applications that require extremely high heat. The zippers comprise a blend of resins, and the materials have been developed to withstand high temperatures without losing zipper performance. Zippers can be sized to accommodate different widths and configurations and are compatible with most preformed pouch machines. Zippers are available for microwavable, boil-in-bag and post-pasteurizable applications. They can accommodate needs in the food, pharmaceutical and personal care products industries, among others. Samples are available from:

Zip-Pak, a div. of ITW, 815/468-6500. Circle No. 352.

Washers and spacers


A free sample pack of nonstandard-size washers and spacers is available. The pack also includes washers and spacers of many different, shapes and materials, all of which can be ordered in short, medium and long runs without tooling changes. The washers and spacers are available in commonly specified and hard-to-find materials such as low-carbon steel, sprung steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Nonmetallic materials such as Delrin®, Teflon®, Mylar® and nylon are also available. The sample pack also includes a total service brochure that describes the co.'s complete range of services, which includes stamping, welding, quality certification and secondary operations like marking, deburring and others. Samples are available from:

Boker's, Inc., 800/927-4377. Circle No. 353.

Ink-jet inks

Two new high-performance inks, the 25 ink and the U ink, are designed for use with Videojet and Marsh ink-jet printers. The 25 ink is a white, ketone-based, pigmented ink that provides a bright, high-contrast mark on dark, nonporous materials. It offers fast dry times and is suitable for high-visibility marking on dark-colored glass, wire, cable and extruded rubber products. The U ink is a black, ketone-based ink that's particularly appropriate for large-character applications. It's formulated to provide a dark, high-contrast mark on porous and nonporous cartons. It comes in an 8-oz, pressurized, nonaerosol bladder that easily connects to the printhead with a bayonet-style fitting. Both inks are suitable for use with glass, metal and plastic containers. Applications include food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and more. Samples are available from:

InkJet, Inc., 936/856-6600. Circle No. 354.

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