Multipacking sleever

By Rick Lingle, Technical Editor in Container Handling on November 18, 2013


ACMI EasypackEasypack is used to form packs of 2-, 4- or 6-pack units. The machine reaches speeds that allow it to be applied to a modern bottling line and carries out the same function as a shrink wrapper, with a different technology and noticeable advantages in terms of costs and maintenance. The machine may be composed of two, three or four modules, each capable of housing an application head.


The choice of head type depends of the packaging and production requirements; the speed of each head is 60 packs per minute. The application of the sleeve is carried out in a continuous motion with a defined height determined by the product.


Advantages include the application without the use of glue or heat to yield a more comfortable workplace; space reduction; and a reduction in purchasing costs, maintenance and overall functioning costs versus shrink wrapping.


Easypack may be connected directly to a Viper handle applicator, without the need of any intermediate conveyors. The application of the handle may be completely printed and customized.

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