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First VFFS packaging machine to form, fill and seal paper bags

First VFFS packaging machine to form, fill and seal paper bags
Special coating applied during VFFS packaging provides a heat-sealable area on the paper.

Bosch Packaging’s PME 4001 ZAP vertical form-fill-seal machine is the first in the world to produce sealed paper bags by using coated paper roll stock that can be recycled into paper streams. The bagger is applicable for free-flowing dry products.

Other highlights:

Machine innovation: Based on Bosch Packaging’s proven“PME” machine concept, it is the first VFFS with the ZAP-Module. The module allows coating with the sealing agent on a minimal surface area, preserving the paper’s monomaterial nature.

Material innovation: Monomaterial AxelloZAP is more durable than conventional paper, yet retains its natural paper characteristics and advantages from source to recycling. AxelloZAP paper is a new, better packaging material that reliably withstands the stronger mechanical requirements during production.

Exclusive rollstock paper supplier:  Paper specialist BillerudKorsnäs of Sweden developed the paper with optimized mechanical properties.

Products: Dry free-flowing products such as sugar, pasta, grains, powders.

Bag styles: Pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags with gable and flat top.

We supplement the above information with this exclusive input from a Bosch manager:

What more can be said about the seal coating?

We will soon provide a success story with the pilot customer with more details by mid-summer. However, the key factor is the partial application of the sealing agent that allows the paper to be sealed tightly while retaining the natural character of the material  that remains 100% recyclable.

What are options are there for the paper rolls?

The Sealed Paper Packaging concept works only in combination with mono-material Axello ZAP paper from BillerudKorsnas. In addition, paper laminates can easily be used on the machine as well, in cases in which the products need a barrier against vapor, grease or gas.   

What’s the machine capability in bags per minute?

For block-bottom and gusseted bags the mechanical output is up to 40 bags per minute for paper bags and up to 55 bags per min for laminated bags. However, for pillow bags the output is higher—up to 65 bags per minute regardless of the packaging material.

What bag sizes are possible?

The bags sizes can vary from 240mm/9.5 inches in width to 440mm/17.3 inches in length. The current maximum filling weight is 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs).

What’s the commercial status?

The first PME 4001 ZAP machine was built for and installed at Pfeifen & Langen, one of the largest sugar producers in the world and 3rd biggest in Europe, beginning of 2016. The first products are available in stores across Germany since June 2016.

A new production solution provides dust-tight packaging for a wide range of dry food products such as sugar, grains, flour or powders.

What's the availability for U.S./North America customers?

The new solution will be officially presented to the North American market at Pack Expo Intl. in Chicago in November 2016, however the machine is available for clients globally as of June 2016. 

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