4 new labeling options help boost a product’s salability

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Labeling on August 07, 2015

Advancements in labeling—including new concepts, decorating techniques and equipment efficiencies—give brand owners more possibilities for “selling” their products to busy consumers in today’s crowded retail environment.

At Pack Expo Las Vegas (Sept. 28-30; Las Vegas), exhibitors will bring a variety of new products and solutions to the show. Here’s a preview of some of the labeling solutions that will be on display.


Dual-chamber shrink sleeve label

This new shrink sleeve label (photo above) has two compartments and is suitable for multipacking and other on-pack promotions. The chambers securely hold two products in place side-by-side, maximizing packaging billboard space and increasing shelf impact.

Fort Dearborn, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth S-7551

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