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Amway reorders zero-pressure roller conveyor modules

Amway reorders zero-pressure roller conveyor modules
Amway 322

Amway 322The Interroll Group, a global player in the fields of conveyor technology, logistics and automation, received a new order from Amway to supply Intelliveyor modules for roller conveyor lines using zero-pressure accumulation. Amway sells products through a network of more than three million people worldwide, operating in 80 countries and territories.

For the year 2011 Amway parent company, Alticor Inc., announced global sales exceeding USD $10.9 billion, a plus of 17 percent on the previous year. Amway Ukraine is among the regional markets reporting strong sales increases. Ukrainian consumers consider Amway's home cleaning products among the best in their market, according to the independently run Favourite of Success competition 2007.

To support its growing business and expand customer service in this growth market, Amway is expanding its distribution network for its nutrition, beauty and household products. A new distribution centre, located in Ukraine's capital Kiev, will play a key role in streamlining the distribution processes. Key areas will be equipped with conveyor modules from the Interroll Intelliveyor product range which will transport boxes to the goods forwarding area.
The positive experience gained with a similar project in Poland motivated Amway to select the Intelliveyor solution from Interroll for the new DC in Kiev. 

"The zero-pressure accumulation conveyor section with the Interroll Intelliveyor helps guarantee a continuous material flow. Its modular concept with preinstalled modules including control electronics are great advantages from planning to installation and operation", confirms Mr. Ryszard Lyszkowski - Project Manager from company Jater Sp. z o.o., which integrated a whole conveying system for Amway.

Interroll Intelliveyor modules, running on 24 VDC, help ensure a safe flow of goods and achieve productivity goals. The Interroll Intelliveyor lines meet the need for buffer sections. The internal control logic of the Interroll Intelliveyor changes a roller conveyor into an intelligent single unit conveyor, assigning each case its own zone in the flow and allowing cases to be buffered safely without coming into contact with each other and transported on as required.


Thanks to the zonal concept, the decentralized drives are only switched on when cases are available and have to be moved, which is a proven way of saving energy, keeping noise levels to a minimum and maximizing the operational life of the equipment. Key products installed in the Intelliveyor modules are the Interroll RollerDrives EC310, Rollers 3500 with PolyVee belts for maximum torque transmission and Z-Cards for control.

Source: Interroll


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