A snapshot of pharmaceutical packaging decisions: Bottle or blister?

Daphne Allen in Pharmaceutical Packaging on September 19, 2016

It seems like the age-old question in pharmaceutical packaging—what is used more, bottles or blisters? To help us find out, a small sampling of our audience completed an informal online survey earlier this year about the package they selected for their most recent oral solid dosage product. We also asked a few additional questions about qualities they consider important and about the innovations they’d like to see emerge. 

In our exclusive report below, you'll find the details on these packaging details and more:

  • Bottles or blisters
  • Blister packaging styles
  • Child resistance
  • Ranking of blister packaging material features
  • Wishlist of bottle and blister packaging innovations

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1) bottle will provide better protection and helps to intact product quality till shelf life. 2) more tabs/caps possible to pack. 3) patients friendly.