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Vision sensor

Article-Vision sensor

New ZFX Smart Vision Sensor with a built-in LCD touchscreen simplifies automated inspection by condensing image-processing knowhow into recipes that allow the user to select from auto-listed options. The hardware has been condensed to two pieces: a camera with intelligent lighting; and a controller with a built-in HMI, from up to nine components that reduce installation costs. The simplified setup for the vision sensor starts by choosing the best lighting from a palette of 12 thumbnails of different automatic lighting setups, which are then refined by onscreen adjustments to optimize contrast in areas for inspection. Next, the user chooses from nine measurement tools, including color hue with automatic color filter selection and up to four color extractions; a 360-deg pattern search and a new sensitive search that subdivides a region into 9, 25 or 100 cells to detect subtle defects and color variations. Finally, the user sets real-time position correction to stabilize the search for parts or features presented at random angles and positions. The sensor can inspect up to 32 regions of interest with 360-deg rotational search in less than 28 msec.

Omron Electronics, 866/886-6766.

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