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Top 5 packaging developments that sprung ahead

Top 5 packaging developments that sprung ahead
You’ll find that automation turns up twice in our list of the 5 top-read packaging articles of the month.

The top-read packaging articles of April included a bottle with amazing shelf impact, on-trend automation developments, an 8-pack of innovations, Euro-style sustainability and Millennials.

There’s April in Paris, April showers and then there’s our fresh-off-the-virtual press list of April’s Top 5 in Packaging articles, our latest compilation of those articles that best drew readers’ attention over the past month.

Without further ado and in reverse order we start with our exclusive report that highlighted in-line digital printing, laser-coded graphics on PET bottles, supply chain intelligence, machinery purchasing trends and the digital revolution. What do all these diverse articles have in common? They are automation and machinery topics that affect brand owners’ production operations and supply chain efforts.

The above image comes from #5 within the list, which poses and answers the question: There’s likely more data on today’s global supply chain, but is it being put to use? For answers to this and other automated questions, see The Top 5 packaging automation developments in q1 2016.

Next: There’s power in numbers and sustainable packaging in Europe…

4.  We had “boots on the ground” during the Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) exhibition held late last year in Paris, France, which led to this selection of sustainable packaging options that our readers also found intriguing. The sampling included technologies for trays made of potato starch and others made from grass (shown), beverage cartons that are 100% renewable or fold conveniently for recycling and high-definition printing onto wooden packaging.

See for yourself in 5 groundbreaking sustainable packaging options from Europe.

More about Millennials and their impact on packaging…


3.  This next article had the most single-page viewing for any post we made in April, which is saying a lot and tells you where the most focused interest was this past month at

Millennials have surpassed baby boomers to become the largest generation in U.S. history. As a result, the Millennial generation has a significant influence on the decisions made by consumer goods manufacturers. In The Millennial factor: How a generation of consumers is transforming today's packaging lands, you’ll discover the five ways the largest and most influential generation in history is demanding innovation that is changing the way brands approach their packaging.

We take a remarkable bottle for spin in this detailed review…


2. Our runner-up article of the month is about a bottle, not just any bottle, but a spherical bottle and one that has so many packaging details that it required a full 360-degree tour to take it all in.  Take the tour for yourself as we take it for a spin in Captain Morgan bottle is loaded with shelf impact.

Audience participation done 8-fold drives our #1 article…

1. Our top-read article of April challenges our readers with identifying among eight choices which they feel is the most innovative new product. These range from a robotic case packers to duo-material packaging that gains on-shelf attention (shown) to a reclosable, patent-pending carded blister securely stores extra products until the time of use.

See these and five more innovations in Which of these new packaging products are the most innovative? and be sure to make your vote count.

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