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Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

September 17, 2021

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Packaging and COVID-19: Ongoing News, Insights, Advice
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9-17-2021: DoD Funds COVID-19 Swab-in-Tube Device

9-15-2021: Is Your Ecommerce Packaging Eligible for Tax Rewards?

8-31-2021: GPS Trackers Help Police Find the Thieves Who Stole Them

6-1-2021: 7 Tips for Post-Pandemic Packaging Success

5-12-2021: Cobots, COVID-19, Contract Packagers, and Other Curiosities

5-3-2021: Robots Help Dole Palletize Multiple Formats Simultaneously

4-30-2021: Rapid COVID-19 Tests Are Coming to the Home

4-30-2021: BD Taps Contract Packager for COVID-19 Test Kits

4-16-2021: It’s Not Too Late for Contract Packagers to Help Vaccine Distribution

4-16-2021: 3 Trends Packaging Execs Embrace in a Post-Pandemic World

4-15-2021: Berry Global Commits $70M to Expand US Production Facility

4-15-2021: Research Reveals Pandemic Effect on Industry 4.0 and Reshoring

4-10-2021: COVID-19 and Packaging Machinery: One Year Later

4-7-2021: 5 Popular Packaging Posts from March 2021

4-5-2021: COVID-19 and Pharmaceutical Serialization: One Year Later


3-30-2021: COVID-19 and Plastic Packaging Procurement: One Year Later

3-30-2021: Confectionery Packaging in the Time of Pandemic: A Snapshot

3-15-2021: Merck Helps Produce J&J’s COVID-19 Vaccine and More News

3-11-2021: Medical Device Supply-Chain Operations and Pandemic Pitfalls: Strengthening the Chain

3-11-2021: Manufacturing Predictions for the Next Decade

3-1-2021: Demand for Medical Kits and Trays to Soar and More News


2-13-2021: Sanofi to Help Fill and Pack the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine and More News

2-10-2021: Packaging Possibilities: 3 Macro Trends to Learn and Leverage

2-8-2021: COVID-19 and Packaging Design: One Year Later

2-4-2021: Early 2021 Packaging Trend: Back to Business (Sort Of)

2-3-2021: Valentine’s Day Packaging Reflects New Trends Like COVID and Cannabis

2-1-2021: OSHA Updates Worker Safety Guidance on COVID


1-29-2021: COVID-19 and Food Packaging: One Year Later

1-22-2021: Vaccines Bestow Business Boost to Packaging

1-20-2021: What Did You Learn from Your COVID-19 Experience?

1-19-2021: US CEOs Rank Vaccine Distribution Second in Business Impact


12-23-2020: Delivery Device Breathes New Life into Existing Nasal Steroid Treatment

12-23-2020: Pandemic Jumpstarts 2021 Digital Transformation

12-23-2020: Mettler-Toledo Adds Augmented Reality Customer Support

12-23-2020: Applying 2020 Pandemic Learnings to Polystyrene

12-23-2020: All-Stars of 2020: The Top 10 Packaging Articles

12-23-2020: 2020 Healthcare Packaging Stories that Warmed Your Heart

12-22-2020: 12 Super Solutions for Packaging Automation in a Pandemic Year

12-22-2020: 10 Popular Pandemic Posts for Packaging Pros in 2020


11-24-2020: COVID-19 and the New Future of Packaging

11-6-2020: Manufacturing Challenges During a Pandemic

11-6-2020: 2020 Packaging Trends Explained in 60 Minutes


10-29-2020: Why Does Halloween Packaging Look Different This Year?

10-28-2020: Dual Packs Double Down on Innovation

10-26-2020: Omnichannel Retailing is Changing the Packaging Landscape

10-14-2020: Shopping for Packaging Machinery Soars

10-8-2020: Leveraging Psychology to Design Refill Packages That Inspire Loyalty

10-8-2020: Crayola Packaging Draws Kids' Interest to New Sanitizers

10-5-2020: Cobots vs. COVID-19 — Designed and Deployed a Solution in 2 Weeks

10-2-2020: 4 Benefits of Packaging Automation for Pharmacies Amid COVID-19


9-30-2020: Survey Reveals Consumers’ Attitudes About Food Packaging

9-29-2020: Pandemic Boosts Demand for Harvest Pack’s Eco-Friendly Packaging

9-25-2020: 3 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Packaging Design

9-17-2020: Who's Hiring Packaging Designers Today?

9-14-2020: 3 Robotics Predictions for the Remainder of 2020


8-19-2020: New Labeler Anticipates Mega-Production of COVID-19 Vaccine

8-12-2020: AI Helps Deliver the Food Label Clarity Consumers Want

8-11-2020: Rethinking Packaging as Consumers Shift to Ecommerce

8-11-2020: Tubes Distinguish Single-Serve Wine 

8-10-2020: US Manufacturers Slammed by the Pandemic

8-10-2020: The Hidden Risk of Single Sourcing Your Packaging

8-6-2020: Packaging Pros Devour a Diverse Diet of News During July 2020

8-4-2020: Tyson Foods to Boost COVID-19 Testing Under New Plan

8-3-2020: Ineos to Market Packaged Sanitizers to Medical, Consumer Markets Globally


7-29-2020: Cleaning Tips for Food Packaging Plants During COVID-19

7-29-2020: IoT Subscriptions for Manufacturers Grow Through the Pandemic

7-23-2020: Corona Beer Through the Pandemic: Tweets Tell the Tale

7-16-2020: What Companies are Hiring Packaging Engineers Today?

7-9-2020: Packaging Professionals Fixate on Two Concerns


6-30-2020: Printable Thermochromic Ink Helps Ensure Safety of Pharma Products and Vaccines

6-23-2020: Protective Packaging in Ecommerce Moves Closer to Sustainability

6-23-2020: How Food and Beverage Packagers Can Navigate the New Normal

6-23-2020: New Molded Fiber Packaging Plant Serves Low-Volume Customers

6-10-2020: Packaging Community Consumes COVID-19 Coverage

6-10-2020: 3 Reusable Packaging Perspectives from Popular Brands

6-10-2020: Novelty Ice Cream Downsizes Packs, Upsizes Benefits

6-9-2020: Packaging Designs Speak to Immunity and Mood Management

6-9-2020: Hygienic Packaging Designs Calm Virus-Related Anxiety

6-9-2020: Medical and Food Packagers Warm Up to Smarter Heat Sealers

6-4-2020: Pouch Makes Gourmet ‘Real Chocolate on Tap’ Possible

6-1-2020: Smart Packaging Experts Talk Tech and Options


5-20-2020: 3 Packaging Lines Improved by IoT Data

5-20-2020: COVID-19: What Food Packagers Can Do to Ensure Safety

5-18-2020 COVID-19 Raises Consumers’ Packaged Food Concerns

5-18-2020: Should Brands Sanitize Packages to Reassure Consumers?

5-13-2020: 10 Popular Packaging Posts During the Height of COVID-19

5-12-2020: 6 Options for Remote Packaging Machine Servicing

5-5-2020: COVID-19 Brings Out American Ingenuity in Packaging

5-5-2020 COVID-19 Spurs Spike in Sustainable To-Go Food Packaging


4-28-2020: 4 Inevitable Packaging Changes After COVID-19

4-22-2020: COVID-19: Maintain Your Sustainable Packaging Focus

4-20-2020: COVID-19 ‘Disruption’ in Packaging Jobs Worsens

4-14-2020: Fast and Furious: Pharmaceutical Company Makes and Packs Hand Sanitizer

4-13-2020: COVID-19 Could Change Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Forever

4-1-2020: Packaging Peers Offer COVID-19 Advice

4-1-2020: Food Packagers Address Pandemic-Driven Risk to Supply Chains


3-27-2020: Packaging Community Responds to the COVID-19 Outbreak

3-26-2020: How Packaging Operations Can Use 6S in this Time of COVID-19

3-24-2020: Brands Refit Packaging for Hand Sanitizers

3-19-2020: How is the Coronavirus Affecting Your Packaging Job?

3-16-2020: 4 Ways Packaging Can Help During the Coronavirus Crisis

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